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Josh Jacks -

"Absolutely professional. Ken helped me not only deal with the fire ant issues I had, but explained how they'd gotten into my home and a problem that I was not aware of. He went out of his way to help relieve a major part of the issue (a faulty AC unit) and worked tirelessly to ensure that my problem was resolved. I'm a lifelong customer now." 

Kurt Koenig

"BugMeNot takes care of business. They treat our apartment complex and always show up on schedule with a professional attitude. No bug complaints from tenants."

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Sherri H.

"I have used exterminators in baytown and beaumont for 37 years. i cannot tolerate to even see a roach esp. I will make a new door to get away from one. Bug Me Not Pest Control is the nicest, most informative, prompt, knowledgeable, and nicest man I've ever used. he knows his business and takes his time and does a super through job and explains everything. I will continue to use him and suggest anyone with a bug or mouse problem to do the same. You will not regret it. thank you"